Plan drop off and pick up using AWR’s Safe Routes to School

AWRAWR Safe Routes to School

Find the Safe Routes for our kids to walk or bike from home to school to their after school activities.  Scroll down to see 3 kinds of interactive maps!

Plan your Drive to School (AWR)

Front Circle Drop Off and Pick Up

AWR Front Circle grades 1-6  or  AWR Front Circle pre-K

Drop and Go’s

  • Drop & Go/ Park & Walk/Park & Wait
  • AWR Parents sign in to AWR website for much more information.  This website helps keep our kids safe by only displaying public information.
  • Click on Crossing Guards or Drop and Go’s to see more detailed information on times, etc.

Plan your walk or bike to School

Use our Interactive Maps Information

  • Send suggestions to

Thanks to Mrs. Hansen, the AWR Safety Committee and the SRTS Team for all their hard work!

Try a DROP and GO and PARK and WALK

A safe and convenient way to drop off or pick up your children (or walk with them) at marked locations around the perimeter of school.

This information is available for every Drop and Go in the Interactive Maps, just click on the green strip and this is what you will see.  If you’d like a page like this for SB and NPMS then please tell me in comments below.

  • Public Drop and Go’s are in sight of crossing guard or on school grounds
  • short 2-3 minute walk to school
  • lead directly to a supervised entrance into the school
  • Bike Racks easily accessible upon arrival from these locations
  • Locations ease congestion in other drop off/pick up areas and provide a quicker route with less waiting

Drop and Go Crane Circle

Traffic coming from SW

  • Proceed counterclockwise around Crane Circle.
  • Don’t turn onto Jones but instead go to sidewalks in front of 37-59 Crane Circle
  • Students exit onto sidewalk

Drop and Go Hawthorne Drive

Traffic coming from NW along Hawthorne

  • Students exit onto Hawthorne sidewalk, within sight of crossing guard
  • Rather than turning RIGHT onto Jones Drive, cars continue straight on Hawthorne towards Central
  • Suggest Drop & Go for 4th to 6th graders.

Drop and Go Cameron Drive

Traffic coming from NE along Hawthorne

  • Rather than turning LEFT onto Jones Drive, cars turn RIGHT onto Cameron.
  • Students exit onto sidewalks within sight of crossing guard. Cars continue straight to Pearl
  • Suggest Drop & Go for 4th to 6th graders.

* Park and Walk suggestions marked in dark purple along sidewalks

* Park and Wait suggestions if you’d like to come later and have your older kids walk to your car.

* Bike Racks locations shown* Click on a crossing guard or Drop and Go to see their times or further detail


Safe Routes to Schools in New Providence, NJ – Sign in

Shows public and parent-only information

Safe Routes to School in New Providence, NJ – Public

Shows public information

We want the community to know about what types of information we have available but we wouldn’t want a to give a potential predator an edge.

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  2. December 15, 2016

    […] will be driving your kids, then please encourage them to review drop off and pick up procedures:  AWR and our other […]

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