New Providence Travel Plan for Safe Routes to School

New Providence School Travel Plan

Our School Travel Plan helped School Children Win $462,000 for New Providence for sidewalks.  Surprise! When we looked at routes of travel from each residence to school, we realized they probably hadn’t been updated since 2 of 4 elementary schools had been closed.  This 2017 grant addressed some of the biggest gaps. Donna Zane explains in Creating a Route Home to Every New Providence Neighborhood.

Making New Providence’s School Travel Plan interactive enhances its usefulness.  It also shows our kids how STEM can improve simple things like their walk to school.  We’ve written required elements as blog posts. This encourages community interaction while giving the government agencies what they need.

1.  School Descriptions

Descriptions for our K-12 Schools are at the bottom of their Safe Route to School pages:

Allen W Roberts (AWR), Salt Brook (SB),  New Providence Middle and High Schools (NPMS/NPHS)

2.  Working Groups & Partnerships

Our SRTS Team stretches across years and schools

3.  Walk & Bike Barriers & Opportunities

Required and suggested elements: # who walk or bike, rules and policies, concerns, survey results, sidewalk condition, crosswalk condition, traffic issues, crash data and photos.

We’ll be adding what you’ve told us in surveys and how these opportunities are being addressed this year and in the future.

4. Maps of School Neighborhood

Includes all suggested and required elements: School Location, Travel Routes, Problem Areas (marked with caution sign on Routes of Travel maps), Pick-up, Drop-Off, Crosswalks / Crossing Guards, Attractors (Recreation, Retail)

4.1  Maps of all New Providence Neighborhoods

Borough Wide – Interactive maps help plan your walk, roll or drive in New Providence

The link above is to the main page for planning Safe Routes to Schools in New Providence.  You might want to bookmark it.

Safe Routes to Allen W Roberts School –  detailed, school specific information, which we have shared on both this website and AWR’s PTA site.

Safe Routes to New Providence Middle School and High School.  PTO info here.

Safe Routes to Salt Brook Elementary School.  More info from the PTAs DROP-n-GO’s and  Walk to School Days

4.2  Routes of Travel

5.  Goals and Actions – School Travel Plan

List of goals, activities both current and over the last 3 years, action items, Address 5E’s (Engineering, education, enforcement, evaluation and encouragement, Responsibility, Timeline, Resources

5.1  Encouragement

5.2  Education (starting with AWR)

Plan your AWR pick up and drop off – This is the “public” version of what’s on the AWR school website and only includes the Drop & Go’s on school grounds or next to a crossing guard.

Smarter Way to Carpool for all and Smart Carpools make it easier for UCVTS students to play sports with New Providence High School sports teams

  • Each elementary school holds poster contests to publicize and encourage our regular walk and roll events.
  • Once parents login to the elementary and middle school web sites they have access to detailed maps and information encouraging walking and biking.
  • TransOptions’ Traffic Safety Town, an interactive indoor safety program that gives 4th graders a fun and safe way to learn the rules of the road has been brought to Allen W Roberts  and we’re working on scheduling it at Salt Brook.
  • Series on Native plants along New Providence’s Safe Routes to School
  • Street Smart New Providence

5.3  Evaluation

We’ve counted traffic at problematic intersections and written blog posts:

We’ve done teacher tallies and parent surveys

5.4  Engineering

Major problem areas identified in the annual parent surveys addressed

  • Former SRTS grant added/improved sidewalks at Maple and Pearl.
  • In the Summer of 2016 our Department of Public Works added drainage then raised, widened and repaved the back path to Allen W. Roberts.
  • 2016 grant request included

5.5  Enforcement

Police patrol cars visit each school twice during arrival and dismissal times including every walk and bike event.  They prosecute speeders and dangerous drivers.

Safety Patrol Officer is deeply involved in all Safe Route to School efforts including visiting each proposed Drop & Go, and problem area during arrival and dismissal times.   If we are having an issue then the School Safety Officer or other Patrolman will stand visibly at the appropriate spot, which is often a sufficient deterrent.

A small army of PTA volunteers assists with the introduction of new Drop & Go’s and at the beginning of each school year.   AWR also has volunteers assisting in their front circle.

6. Program Evaluation and Monitoring – School Travel Plan

Timelines for Task Force and evaluation

New Providence has held two Walking and biking tallies and in the Spring of 2016 surveyed parents in all 3 schools.  Detailed analysis was used to update our SRTS goals for the summer of 2016 and beyond.